Lock 27 Brewing

february, 2018

16feb12:00 PMBaychimoTapped at Dayton & Centerville locations!


Event Details

She appeared out of the morning mist without a sound. Gliding across the hazy canal as if untouched by gravity, but she was vast and heavy laden with barrels of the liquid bounty. The ship had no crew, yet docked effortlessly as if guided by its own will…

Legend has it that the SS Baychimo was a cargo ship turned ghost vessel, after it was abandoned in 1931…

Now, almost 90 years later, the brewers at Lock 27 gather to unload her long-lost bounty in trepidation, but with a subtle smile shared in their expressions. A smile that could only mean one thing… Baychimo was finally here.

We continuously add hops to Baychimo throughout the boil process to give it a powerful hop presence that can only come from extreme exploration. We then triple dry hop to give this ghostly Double IPA plenty of citrus fruit aromas and flavors. Just like the ship it’s named after, Baychimo is a rare sighting in our taproom.

ABV: 12%  |  IBU: 100 


Imperial IPA


(Friday) 12:00 PM