Experimental Brut IPA #1

Experimental Brut IPA #1

Step over champagne there is a new Brut in town. Introducing a new style of IPA that has the beer scene buzzing. The Brut IPA utilizes an enzyme that breaks down complex sugars that would not usually ferment in a normal IPA. This enzyme opens up a whole new realm for brewers to experiment with. Our brewers are always up for a challenge and after performing our own experiment with this enzyme, we have created a beer that is very hoppy, extremely aromatic and bright. Put your pinkies up because this crisp IPA is sure to give champagne some competition.

5.5% ABV // 46 IBU

Here’s the Story

Nearly every brewer makes an IPA. From white IPAs to black IPAs and Imperials, not to mention those NEIPAs everyone can’t seem to get enough of. This burgeoning Brut version has been making its way cross country and around the world though. The name inherently suggests it’s champagne like similarities, so it’s no surprise it’s original roots have been credited to come from the West Coast in the heart of California. Given its newness in the market the style varies from brewer to brewer making each batch somewhat unique, and well ours straight up experimental. What most will agree on is that the dryness is a defining characteristic, and it’s all about keeping the IBUs low. Some say it might be the next fad, but we’ll enjoy the effervescent fizzle for now.


An enzyme long used to help make big imperial stouts a little easier on the palate has found a new purpose in an emerging style of IPA. The Brut IPA is a dry—0° Plato—version of the IPA. It will be extremely dry, very hoppy and fairly light. We suggest this beer to guests who like to try new things or love IPAs.

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