Lock 27 Celebrates 5 Years of Brewing

Five years can sure go by fast. Sometimes it’s good to take a minute and look back on what we’ve accomplished and what we’ve learned along the way. It ideally helps us get better with each new challenge. Here’s a little flashback, from home brewing to our first location, to our new brewing facility.

The Beginning

Steve Barnhart

Steve (on the left) enjoying his first brew with his cousin pre tastebud development. (In no way do we condone underage drinking, and Steve is pretty sure these bottles were empty).


Steve and his buddy Rich partaking in one of their many driveway R&D brew sessions.

The Start of Centerville

Pre Opening Lock 27 Brewing Centerville

Flashback to what Centerville looked like before we moved in.

Lock 27 Brewing Centerville Construction

Steve and his father ripping out the wine bar to put in the brewery.

Lock 27 Centerville Brewery Construction

The bones of Centerville.

Lock 27 Brewing Previous Logo

Our temporary logo pre-open.

Steve & Colin at Lock 27 Brewing Centerville

Steve and his son Colin putting up the roughhewn lumber wall (note the matching safety sandals.)

Lock 27 Brewing Centerville Kitchen Equipment

Steve buying Lock 27’s first stove and refrigerator at an auction in Xenia.

Every idea about the brewery was put on post-it notes and stuck to the wall.

Lock 27 Brewing Centerville Tanks

Scarlett Brewhansson’s rough arrival to Centerville.

Lock 27 Centerville Brewery Year 1

The Centerville brewery – Year 1.

Lock 27 Centerville Brewery

The Centerville brewery – today.

Lock 27 Brewing Centerville Exterior

We expanded the patio to provide more seating for our guests.

Lock 27 Brewing Centerville Chalkboard

The chalkboard soon to be filled with a collection of unique ales and lagers.

Flowers at Lock 27 Brewing Centerville

The Chairwoman and Steve’s better half (Michelle) planting some flowers in Centerville.

Lock 27 Brewing Centerville

The wait is over. Centerville opens and beers are flowing.

New Beginnings

Rendering of Lock 27 Brewing

An early rendering of the Dayton brewery.

Lock 27 Brewing Dayton Construction

Clearing out the new brewery space in the Dayton Delco Lofts building.

Dayton Construction

The bones of the brewery.

Dayton Construction

The soon to be future taproom.

Dayton Construction

Expanding the garage doors to 4.

Delco Lofts Construction

Just a shell of the Delco Lofts building during construction.

Colin Barnhart, Holly, and Wendy in front of the Delco Lofts pre-open.

Our new brewery tanks on the truck.

Getting them through the door was fun.

Steve surveying the new bar area in Dayton.

The Lock 27 team in front of the new brewery.

Lock 27 Brewing Today

Outside the Dayton Brewery located next to Fifth Third Field the home of the Dayton Dragons.

Wes checking on some beer in the boil kettle at our Dayton Brewery.

Steve Barnhart | Craft Beer Fan

Lock 27 Brewing opened in 2013 in Centerville, Ohio with one goal in mind: crafting enjoyable beer that invites exploration and conversation while providing a welcoming gastropub for our guests. Now home to a production brew house in Dayton and two Gastropubs, Lock 27 is continuing on its journey of sharing quality ales and lagers with the people of Dayton and beyond. Named after the Lock in neighboring Miamisburg, Lock 27 pays homage to Dayton’s rich nautical history with the names of some of our most popular beers. Mouth Breather, Spillway, Charlosta and Lock Tender can all trace their roots back to the days when canal boats floated through Dayton. Our innovative team can be found hard at work every day discovering new ways to create different takes on traditional beer styles. Lock 27 is for those who appreciate a product of quality that’s been carefully crafted over time so that each and every sip is Authentically Different.

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