Towpath Kölsch

Towpath Kölsch

A refreshing and crisp traditional Kölsch. Light in body and color with a slight residual sweetness that guides you to your destination, just like the Towpaths of old. We’ve brewed up something to help tow you along when you feel like the dog days of summer might last forever. Introducing Towpath, our version of a Kölsch beer, which follows the path of a traditional Kölsch you would find in Cologne, Germany.

5% ABV // 27 IBU

Here’s the Story

Built along the banks of the canal, towpaths allowed for boats to be towed down the canal by mules, horses, or oxen. Moving at a mere four to five miles in an hour though, it’s no wonder why this method of transportation would eventually come to an end.

The Miami and Erie Canals began construction in 1825 and were finally completed by 1845. Once one of Ohio’s most important canals, it took more than four thousand workers to successfully build the canal and towpaths needed to guide the canal boats. Upon completion, the canals faced various difficulties though, mostly due to Ohio’s unpredictable weather conditions. Cold weather would cause the canals to freeze, and flooding was constantly causing damage to the locks, walls, and towpaths. As it turns out the difficulties that Ohioans faced with the canals exceeded in comparison to the advantages. After railroads were built and the Great Dayton Flood of 1913, the canals were left abandoned. Many of the canals and towpaths were redeveloped into railroads and highways.

Today, you can travel the Towpath Trail and see the historic sites that once made up the Miami and Erie Canals. If nature walks aren’t for you, then just stop into Lock 27 Brewing and sip on a Towpath instead.


First only brewed in Köln, Germany, now many American brewpubs and a handful of breweries have created their version of this obscure style. Light to medium in body with a very pale color, hop bitterness is medium to slightly assertive. A somewhat vinous (grape-y from malts) and dry flavor make up the rest.

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