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We are about beer first and foremost. Lock 27 Brewing was created to brew great tasting, flavorful, high-quality beer to share with our community and inspire exploration and conversation. Brewed true to style and strong on details, our flagship beers are vibrant and delectable, not to mention GABF award-winning!

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Dayton, Ohio


Centerville, Ohio

About Lock 27 Brewing

Since its inception, Lock 27 Brewing has been on a never-ending journey to be authentically different. We explore places and things that are new and different, finding unique ways to make use of them in our products to share with our community, and continue to grow the reputation of Dayton.

Beer on a journey

Lock 27 Brewing works to support other local businesses and local suppliers to support our community and the hardworking businesses within Ohio. Global inspirations can be found in our brewing methods, beer styles and flavor, and everything in between. From changing the water chemistry to match a certain pub in England, to importing special barrels from Brazil – we go the extra mile when to comes to authenticity.

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We’d love to hear your thoughts, inquiries, comments, and tales with our brews.


1035 South Main Street
Centerville, Ohio 45458

937-433-2739 | info@lock27brewing.com

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Lock 27 Brewing is proud to be an Ohio Independent Craft Brewery, family owned & operated. Our goal is for all to enjoy our craft beer on-tap in your favorite bar or pick up a 6-pack on your way home from work at your local retailer.

Our independent sales team is working hard to share our craft beer throughout the community, and they’re ready to hear from you. If you want to carry our craft brews or want to see our beer available at your favorite store, drop us a message!