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On a Journey to be Authentically Different

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The Origins of Lock 27

Established in 2012, Lock 27 Brewing was named to honor the impact the Miami & Erie Canal had on our hometown of Dayton, OH.

In the early 1800s, the canal was the quickest access to the Ohio River & Lake Erie, allowing Ohioans to cheaply transport products and travel across the state. Dayton grew into new, bourgeoning markets, learning from others across the state, and brought back unique goods to their communities.

An important lock along the northern canal was Lock 27, located in Miamisburg, OH, used to raise and lower watercrafts so they could continue their journey along the canal.
The effect the canal had on Dayton and the state is undeniable and fueled a desire to develop new methods of travel to go further and faster.

We continue the thrilling pursuit of exploring places and things that are new and different, finding unique ways to make use of them in the products we share with our community, and continue to grow the reputation of Dayton.

Lock 27 Brewing staff

Our History

10 years of lock 27 brewing

2012:     Lock 27 Brewing was founded by Steve & Michelle Barnhart

2013:     Opened first location in Centerville with a small-batch brew system, serving beer and food

2017:     After substantial growth, opened second location in Dayton expanding brewing capabilities with production brewhouse

2018:     Began wholesale operations, selling kegs and cans to bars, restaurants, and shops across the area

2019:     Won first Great American Beer Festival Award – a Bronze medal for Wolk (Belgian Witbier), first GABF medal in Dayton since 2013

2022:     Celebrating our 10th Anniversary and on the forefront of innovation in the craft beer industry

From Home-Brewing
to Craft-Brewing

Steve always loved beer, but it wasn’t until the mid-1990s when craft beer started to break onto the scene that he realized he could make his own beer! Home-brewing as a hobby while balancing a full-time job became too much, and in 2012 made the leap to run his own brewery. You could say he was destined to be a Brewer since trying a sip of his uncle’s domestic in the early 70’s.

He often travelled for his previous job – exploring new flavors in food and drink and learning about different cultures. These experiences have influenced how he chooses to build his beer recipes. He is always eager to push himself and his brew team to find inspiration in the unknown or unfamiliar, learn what makes something special or authentic, and discover ways to incorporate that into the products we make.

Steve also has an affinity for history, music, and movies. Pieces of his favorite movies, music genres, bands, or iconic history often find their way into the can artwork or beer names—such as “Fetchez La Vache” from Monty Python (a special Saison made over the years) or can artwork for “Dirty Bean Stout” being reminiscent of the coffee and grunge scene in Seattle circa 1990.

And all along the way, he has had the loving support of his wife and kids. 10 years down and many more to go!


Steve Barnhart

Steve Barnhart