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      Local Focus,
      Global Inspirations

      Lock 27 Brewing works to support other local businesses and local suppliers to support our community and the hardworking businesses within Ohio. Global inspirations can be found in our brewing methods, beer styles and flavor, and everything in between. From changing the water chemistry to match a certain pub in England, to importing special barrels from Brazil – we go the extra mile when to comes to authenticity.

      Discovery Beers

      Our small-batch, special releases coming straight from our R&D brew system - only available for a limited time on tap. These beers go fast, so check each location’s tap list to see what's available.

      What's Brewin'

      Upcoming & Recent Beer Releases:

      Visit our Lock 27 Brewing Dayton Taproom & Centerville Restaurant for our limited-time Discovery Beers on-tap

      Lock 27 Brewing &
      New Belgium Brewing present

      Fruit Hole

      Fruit Hole Lock 27 New Belgium collab beer can

      Mango Dragon Fruit Tiki Sour

      What Happens when Lock 27 Brewing links up with the awesome people over at New Belgium? Fruit Hole Happens!

      A mango and dragon fruit tiki sour brewed with whole fruit and Saigon cinnamon. From Fort Collins, Co & Dayton, Ohio – we wish you island vibes!

      Lock 27 Brewing was honored and privileged to host the awesome folks from New Belgium Brewing for a collaboration brew day in SUNNY, Dayton, OH at the Lock 27 Brewing Dayton Taproom! The result of our two great breweries coming together was… FRUIT HOLE!

      Real Mango & Dragon Fruit

      Fruit Hole is a tiki-style sour, brewed with whole fruit and nothing but it!

      Mango, Dragon Fruit, and Saigon Cinnamon combine perfectly in this luau themed cocktail sour.

      It’s Always Sunny in Dayton

      • Citra Pale Ale 
      • IBU: 40  
      • ABV: 5% 
      • Distinctive Characteristics: Citrus flavor, clear, straw, sweet yet bitter taste


      What's in the Glass:

      We know some days can look dreary in Dayton, so we crafted a beer that brings a little sunlight to Dayton no matter the weather outside. Using only the delightful Citra Hop, this pale ale has some bitterness but loads of tasty hop flavors. A citrus explosion hits you in the nose, followed by flavors of bright orange, grapefruit and mango.


      • Belgian Wit 
      • IBU: 16 
      • ABV: 5.2% 
      • Distinctive Characteristics: Slight haze, earthy yet fruity flavors, crisp, refreshing


      What's in the Glass:

      Our 2020 GABF Award winning beer, this bronze medalist is a Belgian Style Witbier. This beer provides loads of flavor, with a mix of sweet grain flavor and zesty, citrusy taste. Subtly spiced with coriander, balanced with bitter orange peel, and Tachoma hops added for some additional bitterness, this beer is refreshingly crisp. The name comes from the Dutch for “Cloud” and this light and airy beer truly makes you feel like you’re relaxing beneath them.

      Mouth Breather

      • India Pale Ale (IPA)
      • IBU: 73
      • ABV: 7.2%
      • Glass Size: 16oz
      • Distinctive Characteristics: Amber, balanced bitter aroma, smooth hop flavor


      What's in the Glass:

      Lock 27 Brewing's signature India Pale Ale, Mouth Breather, combines 5 hop varieties to create a tropical hop aroma and a smooth bitterness. Named after the canal boat involved in a legendary Miami Erie Canal scandal, this IPA is scandalously delicious.

      Lock Tender

      • Golden Ale 
      • IBU: 23 
      • ABV: 4.2% 
      • Distinctive Characteristics: Golden, classic flavor and aroma, balanced taste


      What's in the Glass:

      Lock Tender is a beer for everyone. It’s refreshingly light, with a crisp aroma and a classic beer flavor to quench your thirst. A perfect beer for time spent with friends & family. So, sit back and let this crisp Golden Ale help you navigate good times like the lock tenders of old.



      • Honey Brown Ale 
      • IBU: 27 
      • ABV: 6.5%
      • Distinctive Characteristics: Brown ale, toasty flavor, sweet taste​


      What's in the Glass:

      Charlosta is an American Brown Ale brewed with a generous portion of honey malt making it extremely approachable and sessionable. Named after a canal boat that used to cruise the Miami Erie canal, take a ride with the toasty malt flavors and dry sweetness of this delectable honey brown ale.​


      • German Marzen​
      • IBU: 24​
      • ABV: 5.4%​
      • Important Qualities: Sweet yet toasty flavors, malty balance, clean, crisp


      What's in the Glass:

      The leaves are changing. The air is crisp. It’s time for Loktoberfest. A celebration of a beer, brewed in the traditional Oktoberfest fashion, with all German ingredients and a 45 day lager. You’ll find sweet, toasted malt flavors and a clean, crisp finish. Prost!

      Stumbling Nag

      • ​Double IPA​
      • IBU: 97​
      • ABV: 8.8%​
      • Important Qualities: Lots of hoppy flavors, creamy mouthfeel, smooth bitterness, tropical aromas​


      What's in the Glass:

      Introducing our House DIPA, Stumbling Nag, a beer bursting with tropical fruit aromatics and flavors. Pineapple & grapefruit on the nose followed by a smooth bitterness and a creamy mouthfeel. The name is inspired by our 6th president, John Quincy Adams, while he was navigating the locks on the Ohio and Erie Canal. Let’s just say he had a rough journey, comparing his boat trip to a “Stumbling Nag.” If only President Adams could have had this delicious beer with him, the journey would have been much more pleasant. But hey, at least you can enjoy it. Drink up!

      Dirty Bean Stout

      • Coffee Stout
      • IBU: 41
      • ABV: 6%
      • Important Qualities: Dark brown, coffee aroma, toasty flavors


      What's in the Glass:

      Dirty Bean water in the morning, Dirty Bean Stout at night! We’ve partnered with our friends at Reza’s Roasterie to make a coffee stout that takes you straight back to a 90’s Seattle coffee bar. Using Reza’s “Adulting Fuel” beans, it’s righteous combo of coffee and craft beer. Put on your fuzz and stay out of your harsh realm.

      Kiefaber Street Red

      • Irish Red Ale​
      • IBU: 24​
      • ABV: 5.2%​
      • Important Qualities: Amber-red color, toasted grain flavor yet sweet taste, smooth balance


      What's in the Glass:

      Lock 27 Brewing is turning back the clocks on this Irish Red! A classic blend of toasted grains with a smooth, sweet finish brings us back the good old days of craft beer. Crack a can to Kiefaber Street and let the Dayton nostalgia kick in!