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Beer Release: Here, Holden my beer – Rye Pale Ale

Beer Release

Here, Holden my beer
Rye Pale Ale
ABV - 5.4% | IBU – 41

This Rye Pale Ale is the first craft beer designed by Chris, the head brewer at our Centerville Experimental Brewhouse. It’s one of Chris’ favorite styles of beer and he wanted to make a version local to Dayton, taking inspiration from Rye beers like Ruthless Rye by Sierra Nevada and Tempus by MadTree. Chris named this Rye Pale Ale in reference to none other than of Holden Caulfield, from Catcher of the Rye, of course!

This beer isn’t the first thing Chris has designed in his career. “Way back in the day” he designed some really cool sh!t for large sports gear companies. If you’re rocking a vintage Burton backpack or old skateboard, it could be one of his designs. Chris came to Lock 27 with experience crafting alcohol, as he comes from a background working at a large whiskey distillery. It’s no wonder why he hit the ground running when he started crafting and brewing beers for the first time just over 6 months ago.

In the Glass:

Chris’s Rye Pale Ale pours a hearty gold with a fluffy white head. This brew is a hefty 25% rye, giving us spicy and tangy notes in the aroma from the large amount of rye malt used. On the front end we get those earthy notes, attributed to the fuggle hop, with a rounded out spicyness on the back-end finish.

Here, Holden my beer

Special Ingredients:

• Rye: This beer is 25% rye. Rye tends to lend a spicy and earthy taste. Many get notes of spice and tree bark
• Fuggle Hops: English hops added for their earthiness. Compliments and accentuates the rye
• Amarillo and Chinook hops: Notes of pine, wood, grapefruit peel, and flowers

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