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Press Release: Separate Operations with New Consumer Focuses

Press Release – 7/8/22

DAYTON, OH – Lock 27 Brewing aims to continue the growth of their brewery business and expand distribution of its award-winning craft beers across the state and further. In this respect, each of their locations in downtown Dayton and Centerville are putting different operating models and organizational structures in place to meet the needs best suited to the business and customers in each area. 

Lock 27 Brewpub – Dayton is the hub for all the business’ brewing activities and has allowed the brewery to expand on tap and in package across Dayton. To continue the path of focusing on its beer, this location will now be known as Lock 27 Brewing Taproom, continuing to provide a top-notch brewery experience. The signature beers that guests have come to know and love will be served, along with a rotating list of specialty, limited-release brews for adventurous beer enthusiasts. The brew team at Lock 27 will soon announce unique, out-of-the-box brews, as well as special collaborations and brewery experiences to create a fun and exciting atmosphere. 

The Taproom will also be implementing changes over the coming months to make food service and offerings simpler and more streamlined. Guests will notice adjustments to the menu and service over time to provide guests with the best beer-centric experience possible. 

“Beer is always our first priority and the core of what we do at Lock 27 Brewing,” says Steve Barnhart, Founder of Lock 27 Brewing. “This new direction of a beer-focused taproom invites everyone across the Miami Valley and further into our space to learn more about us, our beer, and why it is so important to us. Our goal is for everyone to leave with a fantastic and memorable brewery experience and continue to grow in that spirit across the state and beyond.” 

Lock 27 Brewpub – Centerville holds a special place for the Lock 27 Brewing team as its first home and put the business on the map with its stellar food offerings. In recognizing that its customers love the food just as much as the beer, it was important that this location not lose what made it so beloved in the first place. As such, this location will now be known as Lock 27 Brewing Restaurant, refocusing on providing customers with exquisite, flavorful meals, expanding the cocktail menu, and offering rotating specials in addition to a lineup of Lock 27’s brews.  

The Restaurant will feature weekly food specials, cocktail specials, and Burger of the Week specials, with a brand new, refreshed menu launching in the fall. All offerings will be carefully curated based on new and exciting trends in the food and dining industry. Some familiar favorite dishes may also be making appearances back on the menu or weekly special offerings. 

“We’re focused on getting the Lock 27 Brewing Restaurant back to our roots in developing wonderful food and beverages for our guests,” says Jennifer Dietrich, Executive GM of Lock 27 Brewing Restaurant. “We have been fortunate to work with several culinary experts over the years, so we’re taking that knowledge and creating new and original food offerings catered to the liking of our loyal guests in Centerville. We’re excited to create a new and revitalized restaurant experience that our guests can rave about.” 

A separate social media account will be launched for Lock 27 Brewing Restaurant, highlighting the weekly specials, changes to the food menu, and delicious cocktail drinks. Follow @Lock27Centerville on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest updates and continue following @Lock27Brewing for all news related to beer releases, collaborations, events at the Taproom, where to buy around the Miami Valley, and more. 

Regardless of these new differences in operation, the Lock 27 Brewing Taproom and Lock 27 Brewing Restaurant will strive to provide our guests with the best products made with intention, inventiveness, and integrity, served with consistency and quality as the top priority. Though both locations will now evoke differing experiences, you can always expect superb service, a hospitable environment, and put simply – a good time!  

About Lock 27 Brewing

Lock 27 Brewing is on a never-ending journey to be authentically different. We’re named to honor the impact the Miami & Erie Canal and Lock 27 in Miamisburg had on Ohioans venturing across the state and exploring their curiosities to travel and grow. Lock 27 Brewing continues that legacy and the thrilling pursuit of discovering new places and things to incorporate in the products we share with our community. 

Founded in 2012 by Steve Barnhart, Lock 27 Brewing is one of the most recognized independent craft breweries in Dayton producing a wide range of beer styles to fit many taste preferences in the Ohio market. The doors to the first Lock 27 Brewpub opened in 2013 in Centerville and expanded to a second location in Dayton Dragons Plaza downtown in 2017, growing as a leader in city’s craft beer scene ever since. 

Our Dayton Taproom features our signature, seasonal, and specialty selections on draught, such as It’s Always Sunny in Dayton (Citra Pale Ale), Mouth Breather (IPA), and Dayton’s only Great American Beer Festival bronze award winner, Wolk (pronounced: Volk, Belgian Wit). Our Centerville Restaurant offers a full-service menu and bar, including our famous Smoked Wings, voted Best in Dayton. Our beer can also be purchased in cans, growlers, and kegs, and can be found at multiple retail locations in the Dayton area. 

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