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Sake Lock 27 Brewing Dayton Ohio

Sake handcrafted in Dayton, Ohio

Our Production Team has been working on a new type of brewing project for the past several months, handcrafted Sake! Let's call this a soft launch, because we have BIG dreams for this project and each of our three batches of Sake has been better than the one before, and this rice-made brew is crushable.

Brewing Sake is tricky, and very new! In fact, so new that we can proudly say Lock 27 Brewing is the first Sake Brewery in the state of Ohio! From starting the sake brew by steaming the polished and milled rice in our Taproom kitchen to grow koji microorganisms to setting up our brand new Sake Kegerator on launch day in the Taproom, our production team has been designing and refining this new and very tedious brewing process!

Junmai Sake by Lock 27 Brewing Dayton Ohio

Junmai Sake

A traditional Junmai Sake

Made from milled and polished rice, water, brewers yeast, and house-made koji. Full-bodied with a Dry earthiness that comes through in the back end, and a sweet, very subtle aroma.

Yuzu Sake Seltzer

We added real yuzu fruit puree to our Junmai sake, and diluted it down to a table-style ABV, to produce a Yuzu Seltzer full of bright citrus flavor and aroma.

Yuzu Sake Seltzer at the Lock 27 Dayton Taproom

Junmai Sake and Yuzu Sake Seltzer are now both on tap exclusively at the Lock 27 Brewing downtown Dayton Taproom.

Sake at the Dayton Taproom

Our Production Team is now on their third batch of crafting this nano-batch Sake at our main production facility in downtown Dayton, Ohio. We’re talking extremely small batch, like just around 18 gallons!

Our Head Brewer, Spencer Moore, started Lock 27 Brewing's sake program at the beginning of this year and brewed the first sake batch from scratch. Since then, our Cellar Master, Moragh Goyette, has been refining and redesigning the sake brewing process for the second and third batch. Trying new and bizarre techniques, like using our large wooden fruit press to get all the juices out to increase our yield. Yes, it did work!

Junmai Sake and Yuzu Sake Seltzer are now both on tap exclusively at the Lock 27 Brewing downtown Dayton Taproom.

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